Partners and Funders

As an Indigenous artist run media arts organization, ICMI is naturally outreaching to the Indigenous community through the participation of community events, and daily community life. ICMI is constantly forging new partnerships with artists, arts organizations, multi cultural organizations, Indigenous organizations, media, networks and like-minded organizations.

ICMI works with a wide range of communities in many locations. Mainly, ICMI engages with Artists, Indigenous community based organizations, media arts organizations, women's support services, educational institutions, employment and training organizations, economic development programs, health and social service organizations, and youth based justice programs. ICMI also contributes the arts development in the Indigenous community through the participation in several national initiatives.

ICMI receives funding provided by following Arts Councils and government sectors:

  • Canada Council for the Arts
  • Ontario Arts Council
  • Ontario Trillium Foundation
  • Government of Ontario
  • City of Ottawa
  • Canadian Heritage

ICMI has previously received funding from:

  • National Crime Prevention Strategy
  • Canada Culture Online Program - Gateway
  • Heritage Canada Cultural Spaces Program
  • Community Foundation of Ottawa
  • Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
  • Primates World Relief and Development Fund