About Us

ICMI was created out of a recognized need for Indigenous access into the arts. ICMI opens its doors to the Aboriginal/Inuit community through professional development, projects, productions, facilities, and equipment. Access is first created through skills development followed by expression and production. ICMI welcomes all levels of expertise to produce new works and arts programming through creative communication, employment opportunity and the development of artistic talent.


Our organization is commited to providing the following:

  • Enhancing the employability and life skills of Indigenous people with a focus on developing the capacity of youth and women
  • Supporting the professional development of artists, arts organizations, or other elements of the Arts community
  • Creating, disseminating and collecting information and artistic works by Indigenous artists
  • Providing and/or promoting opportunities for Indigenous artists
  • Organizing activities and providing services, training, and education
  • Researching Indigenous languages and culture from traditional knowledge holders and culturally trained specialists
  • Promoting the appropriate use of Indigenous languages and culture in contemporary arts, media, and technologies
  • Creating awareness and understanding of Indigenous peoples and culture
  • Developing partnerships and alliances
  • Celebrating the richness of Indigenous art and culture

Charitable Objective

The objectives of Indigenous Culture and Media Innovations are as follows:

  1. To improve and enhance the quality of life for Indigenous people with priority to youth and women.
  2. To reduce conditions of poverty in the Indigenous community with priority to youth and women.
  3. To create opportunities for broader awareness and understanding about the Indigenous community.


ICMI will fulfill the objects of the organization in through following purposes and activities.

  1. By increasing access to education, training and employment for the Indigenous community
  2. By organizing activities and provide services to Indigenous peoples which enhances their training, education and employment opportunities
  3. By enhancing long term employability and life skills of Indigenous people through programs which will promote
  4. Indigenous culture and language retention and serve to enrich life in Indigenous communities